Every morning the sun rises majestically behind Mount Lepetymnos and the colour of the Aegean sea is the warmest blue you could ever think imagine. The castle of Molivos stands before you all dressed up in the colours of the sunrise and you are enjoying your breakfast listening to the sounds of serenity. Only the sounds of nature.

You could wake up to this every morning if you choose to stay in one of our two “Vafios Houses”. The “Vafios Houses” are located in Vafios, a traditional, quaint village, just five kilometers from the beach of Molyvos and 64 kilometers from the capital of Lesvos, Mytilene. Built individually, each house is located in a beautiful garden, both overlooking the picturesque village of Molivos, Mount Lepetymnos and the Aegean Sea.

If you want your holiday to become an experience, you are on the right path. “Vafios Houses” could become your Greek home. Lush rose gardens surround you in a garden where we also grow organic fruit and vegetables (zucchini, grapes, tomatoes, herbs, etc. ) used every day in our Taverna Vafios. The taverna is known for its authentic traditional dishes and its unique character and it’s only 100 metres away from your doorstep.