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Petra – Saint Fotia – Watermills – Ligona Spring – Monastirelia – Petri – Achileiopigada – Petra [CircularTrail]

The farming land of Petra with its fertile valley had since the early years the advantage of being autonomous in the grinding of the grains it produced. The steady flow of the spring of Ligonas supplied with water a series of (17) mills, the towers of which bear witnesses to the pre-industrial past and they are monuments of the architectural heritage of the island. The Trail passes from the chapel of Saint Fotia (Saint Foteini) and climbs up through mill trenches by the ruins of the mills to the Ligonas ravine, a terrain of particular geomorphologic interest.

Distance: 11,6 km
Distance Runtime: 3 h & 50 min

Source: LesvosTrail