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Lesvos is the third largest island of Greece and is part of the North Eastern Aegean Sea group of islands.
Sixty kilometers north from the island’s capital Mytilene one will find one of the most beautiful spots in Greece, Molivos (also known as Mithymna).
There, after reaching the beautiful town, right in the entrance of it (on Beach road, 20 meters the Municipal Tourist Office and the intersection with the Main road that leads to the port) you will find our Motorcycle & Bike Rental Office Moto George.

We have an extensive collection of motorcycles, scooters and bikes in the best possible prices, waiting for you to choose from. Thus, you can cross our evergreen island and swim in its secluded bays of extreme natural beauty.
Moto George is a well organized business with a constantly renewed fleet of motorcycles of all categories.
Be rest assured that our 30-year experience added to our excellent service will fully satisfy you.