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Welcome to Molivos View Studios, the key to your own private “Garden of Eden”, the Paradise of your vacation! Their breathtaking view of the wide Aegean Sea and of our beautiful city, with the proud castle on its top, will transform your holidays into a unique experience of colors, sounds, images and tastes.

Our well preserved, carefully cleaned and comfortable rooms (each of which could host two or three visitors) are fully equipped with WC, bathroom, kitchen, air conditioning, central heating and Satellite TV. Their spacious balconies and the parking lot complete ideally the accommodation and guarantee a pleasant stay. We strongly believe that Molivos View Studios, in combination with the unique and hard-to-find care and hospitality of Menie – who leaves permanently in the facilities-, will create a stable and lasting relationship with this “blessed” place.

Our studios are built at Molivos olive grove, about 800 m. from the city centre. Thus, they are able to offer peace and tranquility in beautiful natural surroundings. The view of the sun diving into the golden red waters of the Aegean and the image of the castle bathing in the dim light of the full moon are life time experiences.

In order to travel together to the land loved and sang by Elytis, Myrivilis and Eftaliotis, let your heart, your instinct and the ….. mouse of your computer guide you…!