The Hoteliers Association of Lesvos has the great pleasure to present its member-hotels, for your information, regarding the quality, services and amenities you may expect to find during your stay on our unique island.
Our island, with its ancient history, unsurpassed natural beauty and tradition of hospitality spanning over centuries, awaits to greet you and treat you to an unforgettable holiday.

In fact anyone who visits Lesvos, apart from its beautiful and lush natural environment, which unfolds amidst a backdrop of green and blue, its pristine beaches, its religious and archaeological monuments, its fossilised forest, a wondrously unique gift of nature, and the simplicity of local life, has endless choice about how to spend their holiday.

The invigorating hot-springs, the diversity of birds and plants, the excellent climatic conditions, traditional Lesvian cuisine and museums exhibiting unique artefacts, are just a few of the attractions a guest may enjoy.
The Hoteliers Association of Lesvos was established in 1986. Its foremost object was to upgrade customer services provided, an objective that has been achieved. It will delight us to have you visit Lesvos, the third largest island in Greece.

We shall be at your side should you need us throughout your stay at our hotels, ready to assist you in any problem that arises and making sure that you have everything you ask for.

The Hoteliers Association of Lesvos and island locals, continuing their age-old tradition of hospitality, invite you and welcome you to Lesvos.