The creation of the website “” aims to strengthen in our island region, on the island of Lesvos, the effective management of information on Development Strategy planned by ETAL SA. On our Website you will find useful information not only about current programs but also about the leader philosophy, the development strategy, the actions of the company and its partners.

Our goal is the best possible, immediate and complete information. We consider extremely important the animation, the sensitization of the local population and its activation with the simultaneous support of the company executives, in order to approach our statutory vision for a substantial Local Development, based on the endogenous potential of our island and its resources. Provides.

Our company, the Management and its experienced and qualified staff operate in accordance with a Policy for Management Adequacy and Quality that is ensured by its certification according to the EN ISO 9001: 2008 system. We believe that with continuous efforts over 18 years with transparency and parity, we have managed, not only to say that funds for investments have been absorbed, but that we have given “soul” to very important interventions in our country, which are the core of local development and add up to cost for Lesvos about 85 million euros.