Molivos at the northern tip of Lesvos is arguably the most beautiful village of the island with its picturesque harbour dominated by the Byzantine castle and tiers of red-tiled stone houses climbing up the slopes away from the blue sea.

And there you will find Mpampoukos’ restaurant, the most scenic restaurant in the city of Molivos (or Mithymna), right on the seafront.

Fresh fish, well cooked octopus and squid, lobster with pasta, whitebait, unique sea urchin salad, bread and salads served amidst the sea breeze provide all those unique details contribute to the best meals in Molivos.

And do not forget!
Mpampoukos with great knowledge of the fish has always something special to offer!

In Greece we say that when we eat we are not talking!
At Mpampoukos Restaurant, we spreak Seafood! This is our official language!
We are inspired by the authenticity of taste and we create dishes that redefine the meaning of good Seafood!